How to make friends with a hamster. Our first week.

I have 2 hamsters.

They are my hamsters.

Six days have passed since we welcomed them.

They seem to have become familiar with our family.

We have taken very good care of them.

It’s winter in Japan.

We use air conditioners and humidifiers all day long for them to keep the optimum temperature and humidity.

Hamster is making sure you are safe.

Chibisuke watches us wary.

It takes time to make friends with hamsters.

First of all, the most important thing is to make my hamsters feel safe in their new home.

I think it was successful.

For first three days, our family only took care of the hamsters as little as possible, such as feeding and water changes, and refrained from seeing them too much.

When we took care of our hamsters, we called them by name and let them smell our hands so they remember us.

A hamster’s brain weighs only 3grams, and after 3 days without being touched, the hamster will forget about its owner.

Step by step to friends with a hamster.

Choros when I opened it because I was worried that it wouldn’t come out too much.


From the 4th days onward, we guided our hamsters to directly receive the snacks we had on our finger.

My kids are too scared to be bitten by them yet.

Chibisuke and Choros bit my finger, but I endured the pain and tried not to move my finger.

They were making sure that humans hands( a strange thing that suddenly appeared in front of them) were safe or not.

Choros took a few sweet bites, but soon landed on the palm of my hand.

I guess he’s the less cautious type, but Chibisuke is not.

Chibisuke is a Golden-hamster, so he has bigger teeth than Choros.

Chibisuke’s teeth are so big and sharp that my fingertips bleed when he bit.

I had to withdraw my hand so that Chibisuke wouldn’t get my blood on him.

I’m prepared for some bloodshed before I turn my hamster into a hand held hamster.


From yesterday , the 5th day, we were able to hold Choros in our arms.

Choros already looks relaxed on the palm on our hands.

Chibisuke, on the other hand, seems to be still wary of us.


He sniffs our fingers, but he timidly walks away in fear.

I also hesitate to remember the pain of being bitten by him.

From yesterday, the 5th day, he finally started taking food directly from our finger. 

This morning our daughter also succeeded to hold Choros in her hands.

Choros on my daughter’s lap.

She was very happy to have her new friend in the palm of her hand.

Chibisuke began to come closer to us and we were able to touch Chibisuke’s back today.

Chibisuke’s cute back.

When will Chibisuke open his heart?

Tomorrow will be a week since we welcomed them.

We will be careful and patient with our hamsters so as not to stress them too much.

I’m happy just to see them sleeping peacefully in their cages.

But I can’t stop dreaming of the day we can play together like the hamsters we’ve had.

We’re looking forward to the day when Chibisuke opens his heart to us.

Chibisuke sleeping in his favorite place.