My Black Friday online shopping☆

There was my daughter’s annual school play today.

She’s been struggling and preparing for a month.

Her performance was very good and she looked very satisficed.

Looking at her refreshing look, I felt another growth in her.

Preparing for annual school play makes my daughter struggle.


My Black Friday online shopping☆

Black Friday sale is being held in Japan now.

As you can see from Halloween and Christmas, Japan is a country that adopts any foreign event that looks interesting and is likely to make money, even if it has nothing to do with Japanese culture or customs.

In today’s Japan, where prices and taxes are soaring while wages are not rising because of stupid policies of incompetent politicians, the Black Friday sale is a blessing anyway.

I often use Amazon and Rakuten online shopping.

I check two sites, compare prices and points, and buy from whichever one is the cheapest.

It takes long time to buy one thing, so sometimes I get completely tired.

I bought most of the things I need now, so my Black Friday shopping season is over for this year.

I don’t think you have any interest, let me show you what I bought.

1. Another hair dryer

My eldest daughter entered puberty and she began to carefully get dressed every morning.

The time has come when our family needs another hair dryer.

There will be less hassle in the morning.

2. A new printer

A few months ago, our printer broke down, and I was living a very inconvenient life.

I am satisfied because I was able to buy 5,000yen cheaper than usual with Rakuten coupons and points.

It’s an evolved version of the one I used before, so it should be easy to use.

3. iPhone charging cord

Why are iPhone charging cords disappearing so much?

My house has a lot of power plug, but there is a mysterious incident that there is no charging cord.

We really needed it.

4. Breeding goods for welcoming  new hamsters

We lost our precious hamster suddenly earlier this week.

Hamster Lover

Is it good to have hamsters?


Goon too soon… Say goodbye to my precious hamster in my hands.


Our family has had hamsters for last 5 years.

Me and my daughters can’t stand life without hamsters.

We started re-learning about hamsters, and getting ready for a new family member.

I bought wider and taller cage so that our new Golden hamster could live more comfortably.

We plan to use the cage we’ve been using for our new Djungarian hamster.

I don’t know yet when we can welcome them into our new family.

In order not to miss the best timing, I want to be fully prepared.


Did you buy anything in this year’s Black Friday sale?

It’s interesting that you can predict to some extent what kind of life a person lives by looking at the things they buy.

I hope you have  happy Black Friday shopping.