The special woman living in the countryside.

I was gifted the word “一意専心:single-mindedly, wholeheartedly” from my older friend.

She said to me,

“If you decide to do something, whatever it is big or small, you just concentrate on it.”

She is an amazing woman.

A cat in her room.

Yesterday was a national holiday in Japan.

My children are very busy with school and lessons every day, so we plan to visit her house on weekdays, if we have a day off without school.

My children always very look forward to going to her house.


Her house has a beautiful garden, which she named Harmony Garden.

She planted and takes care of all the flowers and plants in the garden.

It is said that fairies come to play in the garden.

I always get excited when I walk through the tunnel of banksia roses in front of the entrance.

Once inside the house, the room is crammed with her favorite inertias.

The walls and doors have been repainted in her favorite color.

There are many things handmade by her and her friends.


She has many friends who visit her house not only from all over Japan but also from abroad.

There are always some gifts from such friends at her door.


She has a lot of animals.

A Dog, 2 hamsters, 4 birds, and 7 cats!!

We always look forward to play with her animals.

I drew this card for her, but I had a mistake. I had to draw one more bird. There are 14 animals in her house.

She is very good at cooking.

She always made delicious macrobiotic lunch.

She serves seasonal vegetables carefully and deliciously cooked with sincerity.

She is a great adviser.

We update each other and share how we feel about it.

She always gives us great advice.

She said,

“This November is a little difficult time.

If you feel a heavy feelings, treat it gently.

Once you get through November safely, things will get a little easier.”

Then, she gave me the word “一意専心” that I introduced at the beginning while listening to our story.


I, as well as my children, have learned a lot from her.

They listen to her voice while playing with her animals.

When my daughter was wondering whether to quit the swimming club, my daughter talked to her alone.

For the past five years since we met, she has been listening to us and giving us advice.

She always tells the truth, and she never forces.

My kids playing with her cat.

Both I and my children understand that what happens before us is caused by our intentions.

Even if it is sometimes unacceptable, how to perceive and how to act next.

We can now have such conversations.