Is it good to have hamsters?

Hamster Lover

Is it good to have hamsters?


My precious hamster died 4days before.

Goon too soon… Say goodbye to my precious hamster in my hands.


We miss him so much.

Is it good for hamsters to live with humans?


Our third hamster “Panda”.

Our kids want to have hamsters again.

In fact, we have raised 5 hamsters so far.

The first hamster was djungarian-hamster.

Our first hamster ”Chikkun”

Since then, we have been rearing 4 djungarian-hamsters for 5 years.

Second hamster “Chokkoma”


Third and fourth hamsters “Chappy” and “Panda”

After seeing off the last djungarian hamster, we challenged having a golden-hamster.


Fifth hamster Mitchell

I really want to live with hamsters again, but my husband does not think so.

He said,

“I was a pity to see our hamsters crunching because it wanted to go outside.”

I understand his feeling, because I felt that way too.

We talk about this problem last night.

which direction do you going in?

One of my hobby is to drew my hamsters.

The best solution would be to have dogs or cats that can enjoy living with humans.

But my husband is allergic to both dogs and cats.


My kids want to have both golden-hamster and djungarian-hamster at the same time next. (Separate the cases.)

They have became accustomed to raising hamsters, and deeply regretting that they were taken care of sloppily compared to when they first raised them.

They read their books about hamsters again.

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I think djungarian-hamsters would have less trouble living with humans than golden-hamsters.

Both are friendly hamsters, but I think golden-hamsters want more interaction with people.

That is so cute for humans, but hamsters are nocturnal, so the amount of time humans can interact with them is limited.

I have taken both djungarian-hamsters and golden-hamsters for walk in the room, and I was surprised that golden-hamsters were so active that I could not take my eyes off them even for a moment.

Djungarian-hamsters were small and week, so they didn’t pose much danger during their walk. 

My golden-hamster appealed to me to let him out whenever I passed by. (Except when he was sleeping.)

Mitchell who appealed to want to go out.

On the other hand, my djungarian-hamsters don’t care about me.

When I open the door, they came to me expecting something to eat.

But they didn’t appeal as much as golden-hamsters. 

They liked to play with us, but there was an atmosphere that it would be troublesome if I was touched so much.

Chappy and Panda

The eldest daughter is obsessed with the charm of golden-hamsters, and says that she wants to raise up them well next time.

On the other hand, my second daughter loves djungarian-hamster’s small cuteness.

I was totally fascinated by golden-hamster’s intrinsic involvement.

And I can’t forget djungarian-hamster’s goofy cuteness.

Is it possible to provide a happy life for hamsters?


Mitchell begging for a hug throgh a small window.

Our family will surely have hamsters again.

We want to make use of what the five hamsters have taught us to become a comfortable family of hamsters.

Will we be able to protect their little precious life?

We must learn and discuss what makes them happy before we welcome them into our new family.


My daughter drew this card last Christmas.