Preparing for annual school play makes my daughter struggle.

My daughter’s school play will be held this weekend.

But, my 11-years-old daughter has a problem with the play.

Only 5 days left until the performance.

Can she solve this difficult situation?

Her struggle days

Her class will perform a play that express their school life.

They will be divided into teams for each subject and will express how they spend their time at school.

She chose a team of physical education.

It was further divided into 2 sections “jump rope team” and “mat exercise team”.


She chose the jump rope team.

She became the leader of the jump rope team.

Thankfully, her best friend is on the same team.

After school, the girls watched YouTube and diligently researched what would be the most exciting jump rope technique.

They decided to try Double-Dutch.

This video is not our daughter’s but I think they want to be like this video.

All of them have never done Double-Dutch before.

They exchanged ideas and practiced hard.

She often told me how great their Double-Dutch was.

She also said to me ” Please look forward to our play, we’re going to do amazing things for a fifth grader.”


But, the next day she complained to me about the play. 

I said,

“What happened?

You just told me yesterday that your play is going to be great.” 

She said,

“Our Double-Dutch will be great, but every one on the mat excercise team hasn’t decided what to do or what to talk about on the play.

Moreover our teacher said to us to think about it with them.

He just told us to think for ourselves and won’t help us.

Another teacher is helping other subject teams and making fun movie with them.”

She complained that the unpleasant atmosphere during the discussion was irresistibly unpleasant.

I could understand her argument.


She said,

“We will have a discussion about that tomorrow.

I’m sick of thinking about that time.”

I told her,

” I can understand your frustration and I will always listen to you.

Please think about that you can predict what will happen tomorrow.

You can choose the time you want to spend.

If you want to spend your discussion time full of frustration like yesterday, just say your frustration to everyone like you do now to me, or just let them know it’s your business, not mine.

But, if you want to spend your time more usefully, you should say more constructive things.

Maybe, you have a talent for thinking what’s fun.

I think you have the power to lead that discussion and the team in a good direction.

Think carefully about what kind of time you want create and make a sound in your classroom.”

My 8-years-old daughter who had been silently listening to our conversation from the beginning, opened her mouth.

“I think you can help them, sister.

All people have good things and bad things.

I think everything will go well if people who are good at it help people who are not good at it.”

She listened quietly to her sister.

Creating something together is difficult.

The next morning’s discussion went well, and their play seemed to take another step forward.

She now faces a new problem of not having enough acting time.

She wondered whether she could do this in the bath.

I just hope she can solve this issue successfully and perform satisfactorily.

She said to me,

“Don’t expect too much, it’s not as good acting as before.”

I said, 

“I know you’ve been trying, so I’m looking forward to any play.

Ask the angels to help.”


Creating something together is difficult.

But if you do your best, you can learn from the experience, even if you fail, that will help you next time.

I wish I could see her satisfied face at lunchtime in five days.