The first day of hamster’s cage cleaning.

Chibisuke and Choros look get used to our family.

Todays is 12th day since they came to our home.

Chibisuke and Choros seem to feel safe.

Choros began to pester us to play.

When I put Chibisuke on my hand, I’m still wearing gloves and waiting for him to ride.

He no longer bites my glove when I try to put him on my hand.

I guess his safty check is over.

I managed to put him in the palm of my bare hand today.

My kids can stroke his back and hold him on their hands with gloves.

Chibisuke is still cautious, but I can see that he is gradually opening up.

We cleaned their cages this morning.

We changed all the floor staffs and toilet sand.

We washed their cages and toilet.

They waited inside the pet circle while we cleaned their cages.

We put a little bit of their smelly bedding back near their wooden house and put them back in their cleaned cages.

They sniffed around and examined their changed cages for a while,  then fell asleep in their wood house.

They must be tired.

Every day is a series of new events, and I think they’re still restless.

The time when we had to just watch over them is over, and now I can play with them.

It’s the beginning of the golden time for hamster breeding.

I want to cherish them.