Kinojo Castle: The ancient battlefield in Soja. Great for hiking with your kids.

Hi, I’m Maiko.

I live in Okayama.

I have 2 kids.

This site introduces my favorite playgrounds in Okayama that you can go with your kids.

Kinojo castle in Soja. The view from the top is the best!


Kinojo west gate


This is an old battlefield.

It is one of the famous historic sites of Soja City in Okayama.

Kinojo is about 18 minutes by car from the Okayama Soja IC.

You can drive to the top of the mountain where Kinojo Castle is located by taking a rugged mountain road.


Free parking

There is a visitor center near the parking lot.

There are some drink vending machines and toilet(Western style).

There is no shop.

If you need some drinks, you should bring it or buy it here.

There is no vending machine on the walk course.


Kinojo Castle Ruins Walking Course Entrance



There is also a mountain trail that climbs from the foot of the mountain.

If you’re going with young children, I recommend you to drive to the parking lot and enjoy a walk around the Kinojo Castle Ruins.

The walking course can be completed in 2 hours even for 5-year-old childen.


Beautiful view is attractive.

Good things to prepare
  • Long trousers
  • Sneakers
  • Hat
  • Backpack
  • Drinks
  • Snacks or lunch
  • Picnic sheet
  • Sunscreen
  • Mosquito avoidance spray

The view from the observatory

On a clear day, you can see Sanuki Fuji in Kagawa Prefecture.

West gate


West gate  A poweful picture of a Oni(Japanese demon)

You can enjoy just walking around the west gate.

You can also go to the west gate with a wheelchair or a stroller.

There is an observatory just up the west gate.

Senju Kannon caved in the rock


Senjyu Kannon caved on the rock was illuminated by the sunlight.

There are rumors that you can hear a mysterious voice when you go to Kinojo Castle.

Inspired friends don’t want to go.

I’m a little scared.

I will never gone alone…

The adventure road full of nature.


Wild road

Although it is maintained as a promenade, there are places where ups and downs are intense.

Ferns grow thick and mushrooms glow.


It’s like a world in a picture book.

You can also meet lizards.

Please watch out for vipers and wasps.

I’m also worried about lacquer trees and rashes.

My children climbed up the rock, slipping their feet and scraping their knees.


Wild plants and insects. The ant was very BIG!

The nature of the walking course was fascinating to our children and we enjoyed it all along the way.

Various historic sites


There are historic sites where you can feel the life of the time, such as the remains of a moat and pond.

It feels great to eat snacks or lunch while looking at the view.


Nearby playgrounds

After sweating, how about gelato at Yasutomi Farm in Ashimori?


Yasutomi Farm in Okayama Delicious gelato & farm animals 


It is also fun enjoy playing in the water at Sunagawa Park.