Matsugahana Family Park in Soja. Great for children’s ride practice.


Hi, I’m Maiko.

I live in Okayama.

I have 2 kids.

This site introduces my favorite playgrounds in Okayama that you can go with your kids.

Matsugahana Family Park in Soja

There is a large park called Matsugahana Family Park near Okayama Soja IC.

Matsugahana Family Park is about 3minute drive from Okayama Soja IC.


Your kids can practice their ride at the skateboard practice area.




All in the park can be free of charge.

The roads in the park are painted, so you can ride a vehicle.

Easy to move with a stroller.


Playsets in the park

There are playsets that small children can enjoy.

松ヶ鼻ファミリーパーク 松ヶ鼻ファミリーパーク

My kids like to play hidden tag in the hedges on the spacious grounds.

We play ball, badminton, and catch ball.

The wind blows strongly because there is nothing to block around.

We played with a kite on New Year’s Day.

Facility information

There is no shop.

There is no vending machine.

You should bring all your food and drink.

Let’s take the trash home.

There are few benches with a roof.

You should bring a leisure sheet.

No vehicle rental.

Everyone bring their own vehicles.

  • Parking lot

Parking in large and free.

  • Toilet 

There are 2 toilet. (Western style)

  1. East side of the skatecoard
  2. West end of the parking lot.

There is no soap and disinfecting.

There is no nursing room and diaper changing space.



Yasutomi Farm is also fun!

After the park, let’s eat gelato at Yasutomi Farm in Ashimori.

You can feed farm animals.

Yasutomi farm is our favorite place.

Children are surely overjoyed in this farm.

安富牧場(岡山) 安富牧場202102


Yasutomi Farm in Okayama Delicious gelato & farm animals