I met the other side of myself at the annual parent-child basketball practice

Unexpected things sometimes happen in life.

No matter what happens, I ‘ll just do my best with all the power I have.

There is only experience that you can’t imagine before.

This is my story about the annual parent-child basketball practice.

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Annual parent-child basketball practice

These are characters that I drew for my daughters. I made a T-shirt for them.


I played basketball with my kids yesterday.

It was the first time I played basketball on the court since I was in a junior high school class. 

I was not good at sports, so I chose the chorus club for club activities when I was in a junior high school.


My daughter’s basketball team held an annual parent-child basketball practice.

I participated in the practice with a carefree feeling, but it was a mistake.

It was so hard!!


At first, we ran around the gym for 5 minites.

It was OK. 

Secondly, we did a radio gymnastics.(that is an exercise that all Japanese people can do.)

It was quite OK.

Thirdly, layup shots practice has began.

I knew what is a layup shot because I have watched my kids practice since they started basketball.

I imitated the children and frantically practiced layup shots.

It was the first time in almost 30 years that I ran across a basketball court while dribbling.

After practice, my 8 years old daughter advised me that it would be nice to be able to hit the ball a little father away.

I agreed her advise completely.

She has just started to learn how to play basketball since this May, but she had many skills now.

I missed a lot, but I was happy because I got two shots.

The experience of waiting for my turn with excitement and a little nervousness was reminded me a forgotten feelings.

It was very fun and I enjoyed it.


At last, the hardest time had begun.

It was a game of parents vs children.

Elementary school students who belong to a basketball club have amazing physical strength and explosive power.

It was five minutes torture.

Moreover, although there was a break in between, we played three times!

I went into battle with my dignity as a parent.

I ran, ran, ran.

I chased and defended my kids with all my might.

I’ve never felt so lucky to have been to the gym 5 times in a week.

I couldn’t score and I was exhausted, but I was very satisfied.

Meat a new self while raising a child.

This is my daughter. She loves basketball and skateboard.

I didn’t know the parent-child practice was so hard.

If I knew how hard the practice is before, I wouldn’t participate it.

But, surprisingly I enjoyed it.

I found myself who can play basketball well.

I have never met such a girl when I was junior high school students.

My past was rewritten yesterday.


I appreciate to my kids and the team. 

Raising a child is raising myself.

Opportunities to use words that appear in proverbs are many in everyday life.

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